Helping You Navigate The Entire Zoning Process

When it comes to leading, zoning and land use, nothing is ever simple. One misstep can result in considerable headache or even serious trouble. The attorneys of Alexander Royston walk clients through the entire process, from application to the Board of Commissioners’ vote and beyond. We possess an intimate knowledge of the local area and region, providing clients with a unique understanding of potential challenges and developing strategies to achieve the best solutions for all parties in commercial leases.

Working with all types of clients including business owners and managers, real estate investors and developers, we provide experienced and knowledgeable assistance with leasing, zoning and land use matters including:

  • Administrative approval processes
  • Government agency reviews
  • Challenges and appeals
  • Land disputes and litigation
  • Environmental analysis and reviews
  • Planning strategies

Contact us today to discuss how we can assist with your zoning needs.